Otter Creek is All About Cans This Spring

Earlier this week Otter Creek Brewing dropped a new beer into 15-packs of 12 ounce cans.

Daily Dose IPA (5.5%, 40 IBU) is an American IPA brewed with 2-row and rolled oats, the latter of which provides a super hazy, pale-colored body with a round and creamy mouthfeel that allows the hops to shine bright.

On the greener, hoppier side: Late additions of Mosaic, Citra and Galaxy hops elevate the drinking experience to a juicy new level. A spicy, dank punch of Mosaic hops is balanced by the tropical fruit and citrus notes of Citra and Galaxy.

Daily Dose IPA tips the scales toward smooth and refreshing: Providing a slightly more crushable and aromatic sensation than its super tasty older brother Free Flow IPA.

Look for 15-packs and 6-packs of Daily Dose IPA in Vermont next week, spreading beyond the Green Mountain State in late-spring.

Speaking of Free Flow (6.0%, 60 IBU), we spent some quality time snowed-in with this mind-melting IPA. Its laid-back presence and smooth nature helped us keep the sanity in between shoveling and snowblowing.

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If you haven’t tried this hazy, hoppy treat, you’re missing out. Keep your eyes peeled for Free Flow in 6-packs 12-packs of 12 ounce cans or on a draught list near you. If bottles are your thing, find the flow in our upcoming Mixed Bag variety pack.

It’s all about cans! cans! cans! these days.

In time for late winter snow (thank you, Stella!) and sunny spring sessions, the brewery is stoked to offer its first 16 ounce IPA can.

Aluminum is the talk of the town and they’re doing their best to keep the good times rolling.

Backseat Berner IPA  (7.0%, 68 IBU) is the latest creation to slide its way into cans.  Berner is our big, bold American IPA that’s packed tight with Citra, Simcoe and Cascade hops. Unlike its smooth little brother, Free Flow IPA, Berner packs more bitterness into a hop profile that toes the line between new- and old-school, with that grapefruit-y goodness leading the charge.

Otter Creek will continue rolling with 12 ounce bottles of this American beauty, but look out for 4-packs of 16 ounce cans in a cooler near you — the perfect vessel for aprés-anything.

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