Orpheus Appoints Cheng As CEO

Orpheus Brewing is looking at a bright and prosperous future today, with the appointment of Abby Cheng as the brewery’s Chief Executive Officer. Cheng has more than a decade of 50-plus hour weeks deep in the craft beer sales, marketing, and brewing industry that will drive Orpheus forward.  

Abby’s journey to CEO started on the culinary side, after receiving two- and four-year culinary arts degrees from Le Cordon Bleu College of the Culinary Arts. Despite her first love being food, the love of beer and wine found her being an associate at Total Wine. After Total came Prime Wine and Spirits as a sales representative, then Atlanta craft beverage powerhouse Hop City.  

On a fortuitous trip to Hop City, a friend of Founders Brewing urged Cheng to apply. Within two years, Cheng was instrumental in Founder’s Brewing’s immediate success in the Peach State.  

That market success got the attention of upstart New Realm Brewing, looking to make a splash in the southeast. Cheng was the brewery’s first sales rep, in charge of every beer sold outside the brewery walls. Much of New Realm hitting their 20,000 barrel max capacity can be attributed to Cheng’s efforts.  

Orpheus Brewing founder Jason Pellet saw Cheng’s potential and made an offer. Her sales experience, attention to detail, and overall organizational mentality instantly changed the atmosphere at Orpheus. Pellett, who has been serving as interim CEO, knew it was time for Abby to shine.  

“I had to step into the CEO role but I didn’t want it forever,” Pellett said, “I always wanted someone who really cares about beer and doesn’t see it as just a commodity. Abby made sense from Day 1. I’m happy to call her the boss.”

Added Cheng: “The craft beer industry changes faster than the weather sometimes, and going forward we need to simplify a bit. We need to simplify operations in the face of an uncertain world full of supply chain issues and a competitive market, and focus on Atlanta, our home.” 

Cheng assumes the role immediately. Orpheus Brewing hosts it 8th Anniversary Party over Memorial Day weekend.  

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