North Coast Brewing Announces B Corp Recertification

North Coast Brewing Company, an independent American craft brewery producing award-winning beers since 1988, is proud to report it has successfully completed the rigorous B Corp recertification process as administered by B Lab. The recertification “B Impact Assessment” measures the Company’s entire social and environmental performance, evaluating how NCBC’s operations and business model impact our workers, community, environment and customers.

Nestled between the rugged coastline of the Pacific Ocean and the Redwood forest, NCBC has been a trailblazer in caring for the environment, in supporting various philanthropic pursuits such as music education, marine mammal research, local community non-profits, and most recently by providing a substantial endowment to U.C. Davis to promote diversity in the brewing industry.

“Our world changed a lot last year, and none of us could have predicted that 2020 would be the year a novel coronavirus would change the way everyone does business.  However, our team adapted to the new normal and we continued to reduce our footprint operating our Platinum TRUE Zero Waste brewery.  We care about the environment, our community, the safety of our customers, employees, and we are honored once again to meet and exceed the rigorous standards required to recertify as a B Corp.  The values of our founders continue to shape what we do today, and the entire NCBC team has had a hand in furthering that legacy.”

Jeffrey Ottoboni, CEO, NCBC

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