NOLA Flexes Brewing Muscles in N/A, Healthy Drink Market with Hop’d Tea

New Orleans Lager & Ale (NOLA) Brewing will officially be releasing their first ever non-alcoholic beverage, Hop’d Tea, in 16oz cans in the taproom the day after Mardi Gras, February 26. The sparkling teas, dry hopped with specialty hops, is currently available on tap in the NOLA Brewing taproom with two flavors, Oolong and Rose-Hip Hibiscus. Hop’d Tea will then be available from retailers in Louisiana and beyond in 16oz cans starting in March 2020.


“We’ve spent the last year or so developing the right product that speaks to our brewing sensibilities and saw a great opportunity to bring a new, unique, and healthy non-alcoholic brew to the market by combining really great hops with specialty teas,” says Dylan Lintern, President and COO of NOLA Brewing. “After testing hundreds of different tea and hop flavor combinations, we are excited to officially launch this unique new product in our portfolio.   Folks can join us in the Taproom now and try the product or they can wait for the 16oz cans in the retail channel in March, just when everyone will need a little Carnival recovery.”


Hop’d Tea is a unique product within the growing natural beverage category. Utilizing high quality teas and hops, NOLA Brewing created a delicious soda-alternative that is refreshing for those who are looking for a stress-free, great tasting beverage. The sparkling tea is such a great choice for those interested in a tasty, healthy option as well; it is low calorie, low in sugar, all natural, and most importantly, is brewed by those that know brewing. NOLA is immediately releasing two flavors of Hop’d Tea on tap in the NOLA Brewing Tap Room:


Oolong Hop’d Tea is a sparkling, lightly caffeinated, bright, barely smoky, green tea, that is slightly sweetened and complemented by the bright citrus of Citra Hops and coconut and tropical fruit notes of Sabro Hops. The green tea is only 25 calories and contains only 5 grams of sugar.


Rose Hip Hibiscus Hop’d Tea is tart, fruity, and floral from the rose hip hibiscus tea, with bright citrus and wine-like fruit flavors from the Hallertau Blanc and Lemon Drop hops, which make this sparkling tea a deeply complex and refreshing caffeine-free experience. The pretty pink tea is only 5 calories with 0 grams of sugar.


“We’re a brewery that geeks out on high-quality hops and we know how to pull great flavors from them.  When we focused our efforts on combining our unique skillset with the broad range of possibilities in the world of flavor from tea, we knew we had something everyone could enjoy all the time,” continued Lintern.  “Hop’d tea evokes that great flavor of hops in a unique drink that provides great health benefits as well.”


A few health benefits of each tea may include a boost in metabolism and stress relief from the oolong and may even reduce high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and digestive relief for the rose hip hibiscus. It also is rich in vitamin c, minerals and antioxidants. Hops also include anti-inflammatory properties, help fight infections, are good for heart health, and have shown to aid in relaxation and sleep.


Hop’d Tea will be available on tap immediately in the NOLA Brewing taproom and in 16oz cans on Ash Wednesday, February 26th. It will be available for distribution starting in March 2020 in Louisiana and will expand to all NOLA Brewing markets soon after. NOLA Brewing’s additional year-round beers, NOLA Blonde, Hopitoulas, 7th Street Wheat, Hoppyright Infringement IIPA, Irish Channel Stout, and LA Lager will also remain available.

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