New Look Emphasizes Approachability as Beale’s Beer Introduces “Hazy”

Beale’s Beer in Bedford, VA has introduced a new Hazy IPA. The name? Hazy. In its ongoing quest to make beer fun again, Beale’s is featuring names and labels that are as straightforward and approachable as the beer itself. 

The new Hazy is tropically inspired; it’s a 6.3% ABV beer that’s juice packed, fruit forward and pillowy soft. Hazy will be distributed year round alongside Beale’s favorites: Gold, Silver and Peach Tea Blonde Ale.

A seasonal offering, “Session,” also hits shelves this month. This session IPA was designed with crushability top of mind. At 4.3% ABV, it’s hop forward without the heaviness. Throughout the year, Beale’s will release additional seasonals such as Pale Ale, Oktoberfest and Stout, named accordingly. 

“We’re returning to simplicity,” said Emily Sanfratella, Beale’s VP of Operations. “These days it’s easy for consumers to feel overwhelmed with choices and confused by busy labels and lengthy descriptions. Beer should be fun! We want craft beer to feel approachable to everyone. Our beer is easy to understand. No fuss, just quality beer.” 

Beale’s distributes its award-winning beer throughout Virginia and Washington, D.C. Its flagship style is Beale’s Gold, a Helles Lager that challenges domestic macro beer to do better. Beale’s beer portfolio is rounded out with a mix of classic styles and innovative but easy-drinking new favorites, like its Peach Tea Blonde Ale, a GABF silver medalist. 

This spring, Beale’s will open its second location in Yorktown, Virginia.

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