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Genesee Brewery recently revealed a new packaging design for its family of products. A return to the original name of Genesee Light, along with graphic changes on Genesee Beer, Genesee Cream Ale and Genesee Ice, take cues from Genesee’s heritage while connecting with today’s consumer. People can expect to see the new packaging on shelves this month in grocery, drug and convenience stores across the Northeast.

The new packaging includes a complete overhaul of Genny Light which will revert back to its original name of Genesee Light that dates back to 1978. Other changes will roll out to Genesee Beer, Genesee Cream Ale and Genesee Ice packaging, including graphic updates, the addition of a wheat stalk, and the designation as New York state’s oldest brewery.

“The packaging has changed but the beer is the same great quality beer that generations of people have enjoyed,” said Mike Mueller, brewmaster at Genesee. “There is real love for the simplicity and values that Genesee stands for. People all over the Northeast come together over Genesee Beer and we love it.”

The 137-year-old Genesee Brewery revealed its new packaging with a dramatic unveiling of three-story-high “beer cans” outside of the brewery. The “cans” are actually beer storage tanks wrapped to mirror Genesee LightGenesee Beer and Genesee Cream Ale cans.

About 7,425 square-feet of cloth was used to cover the cans which hold the equivalent of 35,862,784 ounces of beer. The cloth dropped in theatrical style in front of an enthusiastic audience. Passionate Genesee fan and well-known musician, Tommy Brunett surprised the crowd of employees and alumni watching with a live performance of “I Like Beer,” Genesee’s unofficial theme song, as the curtains came down.

The beer cans have become somewhat of a landmark in Rochester, NY since they were first wrapped in 2010. The cans have attracted tourists, local beer enthusiasts, marriage proposals and plenty of photographs.

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