Neshaminy Creek Debuts “It’s Your Day” IPA

Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company (Neshaminy Creek) releases It’s Your Day IPA, a double dry-hopped American India Pale Ale, created for those days when everything seems to go wrong. Perfectly timed as Philadelphia engages in communal headshaking sorrow, Neshaminy Creek assures beer fans the brewery has their back with It’s Your Day IPA available at their Croydon, Dublin, and New Hope taprooms as well as limited distribution in PA and NJ.

Built on a base of Two-Row Malt, White Wheat, Crystal Malt, and Golden Naked Oats combine to create a fuller body and silky mouthfeel, It’s Your Day IPA is hopped to the gills with old standards Citra and Simcoe with a bit of Talus for a reassuring hop profile with intense citrus, flower, and wood flavors. At 7% ABV, this pungent IPA reminds drinkers that no matter what’s on their plate, to go with the flow and enjoy the pronounced pine character with punchy grapefruit and notes of orange zest in every sip.

“Not every day is a celebration, but we think every beer should be whether things are going your way or not,” explains Director of Sales and Marketing, Kyle Park. “While the name started as a joke, we knew everyone can relate to having a bad day when luck isn’t on your side, and you’re havin’ a DAY.”

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