Nectar Creek Meadery Launches New Cellar Line

Spanning from the traditional to the unique, Nectar Creek Meadery launches its first-ever premium Cellar Series line with Festoon, a plum and hibiscus mead, that is packaged in cans and with a new look, making it accessible to uber craft enthusiasts across the country.

The Cellar Series is a rotating line of one-off meads created in limited quantities by our award-winning meadmakers. According to history, mead is legendary. This storied libation is likely the oldest alcoholic beverage. Made from fermented honey and enjoyed across history among sea-faring Vikings and royalty alike, this radiant drink is making an epic resurgence, and its delicate, complex profile is surely to delight and satisfy. 

The first in the series, Festoon, a peculiar “chain” of bees hanging between comb during the building season, has left many wondering. This Festoon won’t leave you pondering, but wishing for more. Crimson hibiscus flowers, delicate aromatic honey and red plums make Festoon a delicious and tart beverage.

“Festoon is the perfect mead to kick off our Nectar Creek Cellar Series line,” said Phil Lorenz, co-founder and brand manager of Nectar Creek. “The rich, sweet, delicious ripe red plum juice combines bee-utifully with a floral hibiscus nose, layered on top of local white clover honey.” 


8% ABV | Honey wine

Made with pure honey, Washington red plum juice, and hibiscus 

Festoon will be available in 6/4/12oz cans through distributors in Oregon.

About Nectar Creek Meadery 

Founded in 2012, Nectar Creek, a sister brand of 2 Towns Ciderhouse,  makes meads using pure unfiltered honey. Their offerings include a wide variety of lightly carbonated meads. As one of the leaders of the resurgence of the mead category, Nectar Creek’s products have been helping bring this age-old beverage into the mainstream. To learn more about the company, track their progress, and see where you can pick up a bottle off the shelf, visit @nectarcreek. 

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