National Black Brewers Association to Have 1st Membership Drive at Barrel & Flow Fest

The newly formed National Black Brewers Association today announced its attendance at the 2023 Barrel & Flow Fest, the first Black arts and craft beer festival held in Pittsburgh, PA. In celebration of this occasion, Founder Kevin Johnson, Executive Director, Kevin Asato and the rest of the association’s team will be launching its first membership drive at this event. Both Brewers and supporters of the brewing community are encouraged all to become a part of this organization dedicated to advocacy and African American representation within the brewing community.

Barrel & Flow has been as the #1 Best Beer Festival in America by USA Today and aims to promote Black-owned breweries as well as utilize the brewing industry to connect opportunity, accessibility, and artistry in ways that celebrate and empower the Black community. The National Black Brewers Association will be in attendance to promote the organization and encourage membership signups. Membership is open to brewery owners, professional brewers, and others at large including wholesalers and retailers, suppliers and merchants, brewery staff, as well as industry professionals and individuals.

“There’s no better way to help promote the National Black Brewers Association’s goal of creating a more inclusive and diverse industry than with our first  membership drive at Barrel & Flow,” said National Black Brewers Association’s Executive Director, Kevin Asato. “I highly encourage anyone who is interested in helping Black brewers across the country with access to resources, mentorships, and networks needed to thrive within this industry to sign up and become a member of this impactful organization.”

The membership drive at Barrel & Flow will be held on August 12, 2023 at The Stacks at 3 Crossings in Pittsburgh, PA from 3:00 PM – 9:00 PM. Participants interested in National Black Brewers Association memberships can find the organization at booth 31 throughout the day. Membership benefits include access to the Brewers Association, state guilds, wholesalers and distributors; Mentorship on how to advocate at federal levels; technical training; as well as grant and networking opportunities. Membership dues start at $100. National Black Brewers Association Executive Director Kevin Assato will also be speaking at Barrel & Flow’s Conference Series on Friday August 11th at the Marriott Pittsburgh Civic Center at 11:00 AM. 

Currently, less than 1% of craft breweries in the U.S. are owned by African Americans and there is no single entity to help African American brewers and brewery owners with their specific needs and issues. Governed by a dynamic Board of Directors composed of the most experienced and successful Black brewery owners and brew masters across the country, the National Black Brewers Association (“NB2A”) was formed as a 501c6 membership-based non-profit organization to:

  • Promote the Black brewing community as a first-of-its kind organization.
  • Increase the number of African Americans in the brewing industry at all levels of production, especially ownership and brew master.
  • Exercise political influence by developing and advocating for effective policy; and
  • Foster understanding about the history and legacy of African American brewing in the United States.

For more information on the National Black Brewers Association and membership, visit  

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