Naked Barrel Hard Seltzer to be Debuted by Upland

Upland Brewing Company announces the launch of Naked Barrel Hard Seltzer bringing a new, local hard seltzer to the Indiana market in January 2021.

Naked Barrel represents a new brand for the award-winning, Indiana-based brewery that is best known for flagships like Dragonfly IPA and Champagne Velvet, five Indiana brewpub locations, and wood-aged sour ales.

At 100 calories, 4.5% abv, and 0 grams sugar, Naked Barrel maintains category standards but with some exciting new twists. “Low calorie doesn’t have to be boring,” said David Bower, President of Upland Brewing Co. “We’ve found ourselves over the past few years wanting something light, refreshing, and totally different in the fridge.”

“We believe flavors produced naturally with real ingredients are far more interesting than those created in a lab,” said Matt Wisely, Lead Brewer at Upland. “That’s why we’ve dedicated more time and effort in developing and perfecting Naked Barrel than any other single product to date.”

Upland uses real fruit and botanicals to develop bright, refreshing flavors and aromas. The initial launch includes intriguing combinations like Cherry Lime, Grapefruit Hibiscus, & Tangerine. In addition to providing an all-natural flavor, fresh fruit creates a colorful, vibrant appearance in the final product.

The foundation of the effervescent beverage is a unique blend of naturally fermented hard seltzer with oak-aged wild ale. Upland is well situated to frontier this distinctive technique. Wood-aged sours from the Upland Wood Shop Sour Brewery have won national recognition since its doors opened in 2013. “We love the multi-layered flavors & pleasantly tart notes the oak-aged wild ale adds,” said Bower. ‘It provides a one-of-a-kind taste new to the category.”

Starting January 2021, variety 12 packs will be available at Indiana liquor & grocery stores alongside Cherry Lime & Grapefruit Hibiscus 6 packs. Draft offerings will be available at Upland locations and select bars & restaurants.

Naked Barrel Hard Seltzer launched an Instagram, Facebook page & website on Monday, November 15th. Follow along for the most recent updates and announcements about this new beverage crafted by Upland Brewing Co.

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