Mother Earth Spring Forward with Seasonal Coconut Cake Imperial Stout

“Melding flavors like coconut and chocolate to achieve balance is very difficult. The base beer itself is pretty complex so we didn’t want the adjuncts to steal the show entirely. What you’re getting here is a very complex ale with oak, caramelized sugar, and coconut dominating the palate, with a silky mouthfeel and dessert-like finish. We selected German and English noble hop varieties to harmonize with the earthy tones of flaked rye and dark crystal malts. This brew is a malt-bomb through and through.”

Mother Earth’s 4Seasons releases are sold in limited quantities and they typically go fast due to the one-off nature of the program. Customers are encouraged to find these highly sought-after brews early to ensure availability.

4Seasons Spring ‘21 is available in 16oz cans and limited draft where independent craft beers are sold. Customers can search for it near them using Mother Earth’s beer finder at Need more info on this and future releases? Visit Mother Earth’s website and social media accounts for regular updates and breaking news.

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