Mother Earth Releases New Project X HIPA, Dimensional Universe

Known for recruiting artists from all walks of life and artistic backgrounds, Mother Earth went big with DU by showcasing the work of the elusive surreal artist known as @the_real_theory. In terms of what to expect out of the glass, Mother Earth notes that aromas and flavors of ripe berries and passionfruit will dominate, with the hazy malt component present in the background, but purely there as a supporting role.

Dimensional Universe is brewed with 30% malted wheat and oats, making it pillowy-soft, but with a dynamic hop presence thanks to a stellar combination of NZ Nelson Sauvin, Mosaic, and Strata, the latter of which has become the darling of hoppy beers in Craft.

“Upon the inception of the Project X Series we were concerned about our ability to create enough variety beer-to-beer, but access to a number of hop varietals and a changing stlylistic Hazy landscape has allowed us to come up with some really unique flavor combinations that keep things fresh with each iteration. In this case Strata really stands out in the finished product.”

-Chris Baker – Director of Brewing Ops, Mother Earth Brew Co.

Dimensional Universe Hazy IPA rolls out this month in almost all Mother Earth’s major markets. Customers will be able to use the brewery’s interactive Beer Finder to locate the beer near them at

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