Mother Earth Drops Newest Salted Caramel Stout as Part of ‘4Seasons’ Barrel-Aged Program

Mother Earth is releasing a decadent new brew as part of their 4Seasons series. The Autumn ’20 vintage is a Bourbon Barrel-aged Imperial Salted Caramel Oatmeal Stout. The brewery admits it’s not just a mouthful to describe, the beer is both dinner AND desert.

At 11.2%, its base is a blend of various big stouts aged no less than 6 months and derived from their cleverly named year-round Russian Imperial Stout, ‘Quit Stalin’. Consistent with past vintages in the series, the flavored stout was no easy task to formulate.

“This was one of those recipes that was really fun to put together. Doing trials for salted caramel may sound like a dream come true, but it’s actually really difficult to find a product that can simulate those flavors without dumping 100 lbs. of Halloween candy into the brew. The take-home is that scalability is often the limiting factor when using adjuncts, but in this case I think we knocked it out of the park.” – Chris Baker – Director of Brewing Operations, Mother Earth

C. Baker further describes the brew as jet black, full-bodied & creamy, with a rich caramel sweetness balanced by a salty finish & oaky undertones. The malt and caramel melanoidins are accompanied by burnt sugar, chocolate, and roasted coffee flavors, with dark fruit dancing in the background reminiscent of over-ripe figs and cherries.

Shipping began this week in 16oz cans and a very limited number of sixth bbl kegs. Customers looking for 4Seasons Autumn ’20 are able to search near them using Mother Earth’s interactive Beer Finder.

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