Mother Earth Brew Co. Adds Milk Truck Latte Stout

Mother Earth’s year-round lineup is getting an upgrade this month as the California and Idaho-based brewery welcomes a new dark ale into the ranks which they’ve appropriately dubbed a Latte Stout. Featuring vanilla, coffee, lactose, and oats, Milk Truck drinks like the coffeehouse favorite while still reminding the drinker that they are imbibing an adult beverage. Mother Earth’s Director of Brewing Operations, Chris Baker, provides insight on the inception of of the style:

“When we sat down to talk beer styles and flavor combinations to test, vanilla was an obvious place to start because we have a lot of experience with it, having produced Cali Creamin’ for over a decade. Once that became the primary flavor to build around, we wanted to add flavors that appeal to a lot of people and also stood out on their own without having to rely on the base beer style to necessarily drive the flavors. What you end up with is a really approachable beer that’s soft and drinkable. In some ways it’s the antithesis of most dark beer styles, which are known for being roasty and aggressive.”

Fans of Mother Earth’s other flagship ales such as Cali Creamin’ Vanilla Cream Ale and its orange-flavored sibling Cali Creamin’ Creamsicle, will feel right at home with Milk Truck, which favors drinkability and broad appeal over true stylistic adherence.

Like it’s other year-round beers, Mother Earth is hoping to go far & wide with distribution, leveraging its impressive network of almost 40 wholesalers across 18 states and numerous international ports, including Mexico, Australia, and the UK.

Milk Truck will be available in 12oz cans and limited draft where independent craft beers are sold. Customers can search for it near them using Mother Earth’s beer finder at Need more info on this and future releases? Visit Mother Earth’s website and social media accounts for regular updates and breaking news.

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