Moo Brew: Dark Ale

Dark Ale

This Dark Ale is inspired by the American Brown Ale style. It presents dark with a deep cherry-red tint. The palate has caramel and chocolate, and a lightly roasted finish. Hop bitterness and aromatic character are balanced and pleasantly textured. Serve with chocolate, caramel and coffee-based desserts, with Mexican Molé, grilled white meats or aged cheddar.


The Australian:


SURVIVALISTS hoard automatic rifles, candles and cans of baked beans in mountain hollows for the dismal days approaching. I plan to catch a boat up the Derwent to a little Hobart hidey hole until the gloom passes.

The place I have in mind happens to be the home to the Mona (the Museum of Old and New Art).

Here, in one well-fortified location, are all the things a person needs to ease the anxiety of the apocalypse. The food in the restaurant is of highest quality, the wine from its (Moorilla) estate first rate and the art in the gallery quite compelling if you are that way inclined.

Best of all, however, are the range of Moo Brew beers produced from the on site brewery.

Moo Brew’s head brewer Owen Johnston is a Tassie-trained chemist who on graduation figured his prospects were, well, “demoralising”.

“The thought of sitting in front of a computer in a lab coat was not my cup of tea,” he said.



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