Molson Family to be Honored with Family Business Award


Molson Coors’ 225th anniversary wasn’t marked with an exclusive party at the company headquarters. Instead, Andrew and Geoff Molson embarked on a family tour across Canada to visit with employees and business partners who have contributed to their family’s success since 1786—a testament to the family’s values. This fall, EY is celebrating the Molson family with the EY Family Business Award of Excellence. This is the first time a Québec family is receiving this award.

Molson Coors has survived the test of time. It’s the oldest family business in Québec, the oldest brewery in North America, and Canada’s second-oldest company. The founder, John Molson, used his unbelievable success to create a legacy of innovation and building a better world—literally. He constructed Canada’s first steamship, spearheaded the building of Montreal’s first public hospital and funded a large part of our nation’s first railway. His successors continued in his ground-breaking ways, growing the company to more than 65 brands of beer in over 30 countries. Today, the entrepreneurial values of John Molson continue to live on in the many businesses in which the Molson family is involved.

John Molson had a strong sense of responsibility to his community,” says Daniel Baer, EY’s Québec Entrepreneur Of The Year program co-director. “Today, that sense of responsibility is evident in how the Molsons conduct business at Molson Coors, the Montreal Canadiens, RES PUBLICA Consulting Group and other companies where the family is involved. The Molson family boasts some exemplary business leaders, exceptional business values and a commitment to strong corporate governance. This is a well-deserved award.”

“The Molson family business is now in its seventh generation, and it continues to be relevant to consumers,” says Luc Charbonneau, EY’s Québec Entrepreneur Of The Year program co-director. “But they’re also committed to their communities through investments in health and education initiatives. It’s an honour to recognize this entrepreneurial and socially responsible family.”

“Our family continues to be inspired by the values of John Molson, including integrity, respect, innovation, and community building. For us, it’s important to give back to hospitals, museums, children, youth initiatives, and encourage budding entrepreneurs,” says Andrew Molson. “We’re very touched to be recognized for something that’s in our DNA and this award certainly extends to the people we work with every day.”

“Wherever we operate, we believe everyone has a key role to play in the life of the community,” says Geoff Molson. “We are particularly proud of the role we have played, and continue to play, in Montreal, Québec and Canada. We’re grateful for the support we’ve received over the years from our partners, stakeholders, employees and fans, and we’re honoured to receive this award.”

Andrew and Geoff Molson will accept the EY Family Business Award of Excellence on behalf of the Molson family at the EY Québec Entrepreneur Of The Year gala on 22 October 2015.

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