Modist Teams with Parlour Bar to Create a ‘Brewed Spirit’

Nearly one year in the making, the people of Modist Brewing and Parlour Bar are proud to announce the arrival of Boozehound, a one-of-a-kind fusion of beer and spirits. Boozehound is made from a Bourbon mash that’s brewed and fermented as a beer, aged in Bourbon barrels, then served as an Old Fashioned.

Boozehound will release on tap at Modist’s North Loop Minneapolis taproom on Wednesday, May 22 and at Parlour Bar Minneapolis and St Paul on Thursday, May 23.

The project began when Parlour Bar, well known for having one of the best Old Fashioneds around, contacted Modist, well known for pushing the boundaries of what beer can be, to see if they could find a good use for some hand selected 9-12 year old level 4 char Knob Creek barrels.

Once he stopped drooling, Modist Brewing’s co-founder/Head Brewer Keigan Knee pitched the idea of launching a new type of alcohol called brewed spirits* he had been brainstorming for a long time.

“I’ve been sitting on this idea for a while, and the barrels that Jesse [Held, Bar Consultant of Jester Concepts] had picked out were perfect. Based on the barrels and the pedigree of their cocktails, we decided a bourbon brewed spirit presented as an Old Fashioned was the way to go,” Keigan said.

Because of Modist’s mash filter powered brewing system, they were able to replicate an exact bourbon grain bill recipe that they brewed and fermented as a beer. Using an Ale yeast strain with high alcohol tolerance, the beer reached 20% alcohol by volume (40 proof) before being transferred to the barrels for aging. Also put in the barrels was a special type of Mexican raw sugar called Piloncillo, which is a staple ingredient of Parlour’s Old Fashioneds.

After aging in barrels for nearly a year, Boozehound was transferred to kegs for its official debut this May. The finished product will be served from the tap with a splash of bitters and garnished with orange peel. It will be available on draft for a limited time at Modist, Parlour Minneapolis, Borough, and Parlour St Paul.

About Brewed Spirits:

Brewed Spirits is Modist’s coined name for a style of beer that is made to replicate a traditional spirit. By using an identical grain mash bill or ingredient base of a typical style of liquor, the goal of a brewed spirit is to get as close as possible to creating a “spirit,” while working within the legal limitations of beer. After successfully creating a bourbon base for what became Boozehound, Modist now plans to launch a series of other brewed spirits, including several different types of whiskey (including 100% rye), tequila, and rum.

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