Modist, REM5 VR Lab Release to Combine Beer, Tech & Art

After months of​ ​development, Modist Brewing Co. and REM5 VR Lab are proud to announce​ ​Minnesota’s first craft beer that integrates Augmented Reality (AR)​ ​and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Hex Code, a Pineapple Coconut​ ​Marshmallow Lager, will be the first craft beer in Minnesota—and among​ ​the first in the world—to include AR integrations while boasting a​ ​unique NFT that will be raffled off via a QR code on the label. All of​ ​this to build upon the excitement of the world-renowned Quantum Mirror​ ​art installation opening at REM5.

After the success of the first Modist and REM5 collaboration, HAPTIC,​ ​an IPA that featured a beer label designed in virtual reality, they’ve​ ​teamed up again to continue to push the limits of craft beer and​ ​technology.

“We love working with REM5, and relish the opportunity to​ ​augment reality and finally make tokens that are non-fungible,” said​ ​Daniel Paul Wellendorf, Modist’s Co-Owner and Head of Marketing.

“To create this beer, we wanted the liquid inside the can to match the​ ​crazy experience that the Quantum Mirror provides,” explained Keigan​ ​Knee, Modist Co-Owner and Director of Product Development.

In the​ ​spirit of pushing the boundaries of what beer can be, Hex Code was​ ​brewed with Premium Pilsner malt, milk sugar, marshmallows, pineapple,​ ​toasted coconut, and Madagascar vanilla beans. It was designed to send​ ​taste buds on a journey that they may have​ ​never been on before.

Cans of Hex Code will have QR codes that you can scan to experience​ ​the AR technology, find more information about Quantum Mirror, and​ ​enter a raffle run by REM5 to celebrate the opening of the art​ ​installation. The grand prize is a one-of-a-kind NFT created by​ ​Quantum Mirror artist Adrian Stein. Don’t understand NFTs? At a very​ ​high level, it is a form of cryptocurrency; a new technology that has​ ​exploded in the digital art world. Other raffle prizes include tickets​ ​to the installation, tours of Modist Brewing, and other surprises​ ​leading up to the opening of Quantum Mirror.

Hex Code will be released at Modist’s North Loop Minneapolis taproom​ ​on Saturday, October 30th, and will begin to make its way to liquor​ ​stores on Tuesday, November 2, including locations in Minnesota,​ ​Denmark, Ohio, the New England area, Wisconsin, and Iowa. The Quantum​ ​Mirror art installation opens to the public at REM5’s studio space in​ ​St. Louis Park on Thursday, November 18.

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