Meridian Vanilla Stout from Ecliptic Brewing Launching in Cans January 2020

This January Ecliptic Brewing is releasing a new beer in its Seasonal Series: Meridian Vanilla Stout. The company is excited about this sessionable stout, which will come in 12-ounce cans and run through February, helping shake off winter’s chill.

“You don’t see a ton of stouts in cans – at least, we’ve never done one- so we used this as an opportunity to provide the market with something unique,” says Ecliptic Owner and Brewmaster, John Harris. “This is a dry Irish Style Stout, brewed with real vanilla, and it’s going to be delicious”.

In addition to Pale and Munich Malts, Ecliptic’s brew team used Carafa Special Type 3, a dark-roasted specialty malt made from high-quality spring barley, and roasted barley. This helps give the beer a dark color and full-bodied flavor profile. Real vanilla beans were added to the bright tank to provide a touch of sweetness and aroma.

Meridian Vanilla Stout will be released in both draft and six-pack cans throughout Ecliptic Brewing’s distribution network.

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