Mendocino Brewing Company Launches New Look for Their Craft Beers

Mendocino Brewing Company

Mendocino Brewing CompanyMendocino Brewing Company marks its 31st year of brewing fine craft ales with the launch of a new look for the packaging of its classic Northern California flagship craft beers,Red Tail Amber Ale and Eye of the Hawk Imperial Ale.

The vibrant new graphics incorporate enhanced versions of the classic hawk icons that beer enthusiasts have come to associate with Mendocino Brewing Company. The iconic hawks set against a new textured background will create greater shelf visibility and add value to Mendocino’s craft brewing heritage. This new packaging design will shortly be extended to the other legendary brews in Mendocino Brewing’s product line: Blue Heron Pale Ale, Peregrine Pilsner, White Hawk IPA and Black Hawk Stout.

“In developing this new look we were careful to build on the colors and illustrations that are instantly recognizable by our steadfast and loyal fans. We want our customers to know that we are continuing to brew the same high-quality products they have always enjoyed, now in a contemporary package,” said Yashpal Singh, President and CEO of Mendocino Brewing Company.

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  1. The old packaging was award winning and much better. The neck labels are all the same in a six pack, no matter what the brand. The colors lose the branding earned by being a pioneer of craft brewing..

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