Meadowlark Brewing Moves into Cans

meadowlark brewing

To make its beers more accessible to consumers, Meadowlark Brewing has expanded into Rexam 12 oz. cans. Two of its core brews are available for the first time in this convenient, single-serve package.

BADLANDS Extra Pale Ale incorporates the malt profile of an easy-drinking pale ale with the aroma and flavor of an IPA. Badlands pours a golden orange color with a nose of citrus and tropical fruits. OLE GUS Scotch Rye Wee Heavy is a full-bodied ale with robust caramel notes and a slight crispness due to the use of rye. It pours a dark, ruby color and is accompanied by subtle fruity esters from Edinburgh ale yeast.

With a tagline of “Made in Montana. Treasured Everywhere,” the brewery takes its name from the Western Meadowlark or sturnella neglecta. This bird has long had an iconic presence in the plains of North America, and has been designated as the state bird of Montana as well as five others. Its commanding trill is recognized as officially announcing the end of the bitter cold and the renewal of spring. The Meadowlark is well known throughout the Midwest despite its humble origins. Meadowlark Brewing shares similar characteristics to the bird with beers that are original and consistent but that also deliver a surprise.

“It took a while for the craft beer movement to reach our corner of the country,” said Travis Peterson, founder, Meadowlark Brewing. “We are proud to have played a role in this effort, using our unique brews to capture and convert beer drinkers who previously had stuck to more traditional offerings. And by partnering with Rexam and moving into cans, we are now able to give even more consumers the opportunity to try and support local craft beers.”

Meadowlark chose cans because of the many inherent benefits they deliver. Aluminum cans are durable and portable, often permitted at parks, lakes and other outdoor locations where glass is not. They effectively block out all light and oxygen helping to preserve the beer’s taste and freshness longer. Cans are light-weight, which can reduce shipping costs. They are also the most sustainable beverage package in the world recycled at double the rate of any other package option.

Jo Stephens, vice president of sales and marketing, Rexam BCNA, commented on Meadowlark’s move into cans. “Our cans are the perfect packaging choice for this brewery as it looks to grow beyond draft and bring its beers to even more consumers,” she said. “They safeguard beverage integrity, and with superior recycling, filling, distribution and retail display economics, cans truly add value. This will help Meadowlark in its continued effort to build brand awareness and strengthen its business.”

Meadowlark Brewing’s beers in Rexam cans are available at select retailers in North Dakota and Montana.

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