Maui / Stone Craft Beverages Grows Maui Distribution

maui stone craft beverages
Maui | Stone Craft Beverages, a distribution company formed by Maui Brewing Co. and San Diego-based Stone Brewing Co., is now distributing 21 craft brands throughout the island of Maui. Thanks to the company’s dedicated focus on freshness, Maui’s residents and visitors can now enjoy craft beers and ciders treated with the tender love and care that all craft beverages should be shown—refrigeration during every step of the distribution process.

“It’s been a long journey, but our team has really stayed the course, and now Maui | Stone Craft Beverages is ready to help Hawaii cast commodity beer aside and move to quality craft beers,” said Maui Brewing Co. founder Garrett Marrero. “Craft beer options in Maui have grown since we first began brewing, and with the addition of 20 new brands, Hawaii is about to take another large, tasty leap forward. It’s exciting to partner with Stone, as our companies are aligned with the same beliefs and goals of providing the best possible craft beer to our fans.”

“With the advent of Maui | Stone Craft Beverages, we are excited to offer Stone Brewing beers and other artisanal brands to enthusiasts in Maui,” said Stone Brewing Co. CEO and co-founder Greg Koch. “Ensuring that fans enjoy fresh beer is something Stone has advocated for many years. The handling of beer during the distribution process is critically important. It’s with this philosophy in mind that Maui Brewing and Stone Brewing came together to develop a company that guarantees an incredible selection of fresh craft beers and ciders to Maui.”

Maui | Stone Craft Beverages ships bottles, cans and kegs from San Diego to Maui by way of refrigerated containers and then transports them in refrigerated trucks to a 16,000-square-foot distribution center in Maui that has a huge cold-storage refrigerator. From there, the beers and ciders are delivered to select retailers, restaurants and bars on the island via—you guessed it—refrigerated trucks. Through every link in the distribution chain, from the mainland all the way to retail outlets in Maui, the craft beverages are consistently kept at an optimal temperature to guarantee their bold, delicious flavors are faithfully preserved.

Enthusiasts in Maui can now enjoy beers and ciders from:

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