Maui Reaches Renewable Energy Project Goal

Maui Brewing Company, Hawaii’s largest and most sustainable craft brewery, announced today that after a four-year expansion, Maui Electric Company has approved Phases 2 and 3 of MBC’s renewable energy project. The system was phased in over three years (2017-2019).

Maui Brewing Company CEO and Founder, Garrett Marrero stated, “Leading by example in sustainable manufacturing has been a pursuit for many years. I’m thankful to our partners and especially to our CFO Russell Adkins for sharing my vision and helping to lead this project through completion. Maui Brewing Company and our other craft brands are leading the industry in producing our beverages with sustainable energy.”

Solar accounts for more than 80% of Maui Brewing’s electricity needs. Maui Brewing employs solar photovoltaic and solar thermal systems along with biodiesel fuel generators to provide electricity and hot water to brew the company’s beer and other high quality beverages while being mindful of the community and the environment. Maui Brewing’s 1.2 MW system was installed in 2017. MBC recently added battery storage to help achieve their goal of becoming grid-independent by the end of 2019.

Additional sustainability efforts to reduce energy consumption and produce more energy through renewable resources include capturing and reclaiming CO2. It is estimated the combined solar and CO2 recovery will reduce CO2 emissions by more than 2 million pounds per year.

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