Magliner Introduces Powered Lifting Hand Truck

Magline, Inc., manufacturer of innovative material handling equipment, has added the Powered Lifting Hand Truck to the family of powered products. The Powered Lifting Hand Truck allows operators to easily lift and lower heavy loads, up to 200 pounds, minimizing awkward movements and reducing risk of injury. The Powered Lifting Hand Truck has a 500-pound overall load capacity when used as a traditional hand truck, as the design includes many familiar components used in the Magliner portfolio of lightweight, aluminum hand trucks.

The Powered Lifting Hand Truck not only compliments the Magliner catalog of 2 wheel hand trucks, but it also enhances the line-up of LiftPlus® powered stackers. The Powered Lifting Hand Truck, while having a lower lifting capacity compared to the LiftPlus units, will be well received for use in tight areas where other stackers, or for that matter, fork trucks are overkill or simply have too large of a footprint.

The lithium battery powered unit lifts up to 40 inches high – making it ideal for stacking kegs, lifting merchandise and other heavy items, loading vehicles and so much more. In many cases, the Powered Lifting Hand Truck will allow a single operator to do what requires two people without the machine. Similar to other Magliner hand trucks, the customer has the ability to choose the lifting nose, handle and wheels that best fit their application. All units do come standard with stair climbers to assist with transporting loads up and down stairs and an integrated kick bar to help with breaking back heavy loads.

Paul Adler, Director of Marketing, says this of the new product: “The powered lifting hand truck will be a welcomed tool for our customers who are repeatedly having to lift heavy items as part of their daily job. We are very excited to get this latest innovation from Magline out into the marketplace.”

Within the craft brewing industry, early adopters are already seeing the value of the newest powered Magliner. “It’s definitely a win. I never want to lift another (160-pound) keg again and now I don’t have to. Cheers to Magliner!”, states Brad Jonckheere, Brewer at Block Brewing Company in Howell, Michigan.

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