Lupulin, Blake’s Team Up to Introduce PB & Jam

Lupulin Brewing has announced a partnership with Blake’s Hard Cider of Michigan to provide its customers a unique and craft collaboration. This experience is created by combining Lupulin Brewing’s CPB Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter with Blake’s Hard Cider’s Triple Jam for a decadent “PB & Jam” beverage. Rollout plans will start initially within the C&L Distribution territory in Minnesota, Global Distributing in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and D-S Beverage in Fargo, North Dakota, as these partners are common to both companies.

“We are honored to be working with a notable company like Blake’s Hard Cider Co. to pair their best-selling cider, a three berry semi-sweet (Triple Jam) with Lupulin’s award-winning CPB, Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter, (U.S. Open Beer Championship Bronze Medal). The combination of these two products, our two family-owned companies, and similar strategies for growth opens up numerous opportunities within markets outside of Minnesota. Simultaneous to the launch, Lupulin is actively working with Blake’s sales team on introducing distribution partners within the state of Michigan.” stated Jeff Zierdt, President & Co-Founder.

Chelsea Cox, Director of Marketing at Blake’s Hard Cider, stated recently, “We pride ourselves on offering our customers an adventurous exploration of our craft, so a collaboration with a passionate brewery such as Lupulin presents us with endless opportunities that we’re thrilled about. Triple Jam is the best-selling craft cider SKU in the Midwest; it’s just so approachable and balanced, so throw in CPB and you have this incredible complexity of smooth and nutty with slight fruit acidity.” The Blake’s team also expressed their excitement for the opportunity to provide a collaborative experience to their long-standing customers in Minnesota, a market that has supported their brand early-on.

Brady Olson, Regional Sales Manager at Blake’s Hard Cider and Sean Kollander, Craft Manager at C&L Distributing, played pivotal roles in executing this collaboration. “We are super excited to introduce the concept within our off-premise locations with a floor display as early as January 11th. Our big win will be when on-premise (bars & restaurant) locations are allowed to open back up in Minnesota to showcase the PB & Jam in a pint glass”, said Kollander.

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