Lounge Wizard Juicy Pale Ale Joins Bauhaus’ Core Lineup

Bauhaus Brew Labs is pleased to introduce Lounge Wizard Juicy Pale Ale as the newest member of its core lineup of beers. Lounge Wizard will hit the Twin Cities market in April, replacing Wagon Party West Coast-Style Lager.

Bauhaus has spent several months honing the Lounge Wizard recipe in its taproom via the new Haus Curiosities program: beers that are released every other Friday as limited-quantity, taproom-only exclusives. The brewery launched this program to not only serve as a playground for its brewers to experiment with new recipes, but also as a loyalty program for taproom customers. After an overwhelmingly positive response to early versions of Lounge Wizard, the Bauhaus team was eager to bring it to a wider audience of beer drinkers.

“It’s no secret that beer drinkers are clamoring for this style,” says Head Brewer and COO, Matt Schwandt. “Our guests blew through our pilot batches in the taproom pretty much the day we put them on tap. The juicy/hazy style is a really exciting space for us to play in right now, and it’s become obvious that it’s not just a passing trend.”

Lounge Wizard showcases juicy hop flavors and aromas reminiscent of pungent tropical fruit and candied citrus. The beer has a soft, pillowy texture and a pleasantly dry finish. With an ABV of 5.2% and an 40 IBUs, Lounge Wizard maintains the signature drinkability inherent in Bauhaus beers. Described as a “leisure suit for your mouth”, Bauhaus is channeling their particular brand of brewing alchemy and hop magicks into the name as much as into the beer itself.

To make way for Lounge Wizard, Bauhaus will be bidding a fond farewell to Wagon Party. After five years of service, Wagon Party is being sent off with a proper Celebration of Life at Bauhaus’ Northeast Minneapolis taproom on Thursday, March 28th. Attendees can expect a formal eulogy, limited edition “Party Like it’s 1849” t-shirts, and $3 pints of Wagon Party.

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