Lone Tree Presents One-Of-A-Kind Hopped Beverage Made With Terpenes: Ufloric Sparkling Water

As the NA beverage segment spikes and more drinkers get excited about alternative RTD drinks, Lone Tree Brewing is pleased to present a new product in a category all its own. Introducing Ufloric— a hopped, hemp-infused, non alcoholic, enhanced water that’s about to elevate the Colorado craft beverage game.

Ufloric is Lone Tree’s response to customer curiosity about non-alcoholic options and the budding cannabis scene in Colorado. “I see it as a bridge between beer and cannabis,” says Lone Tree Sales & Marketing Director Dennis Stack. “We are enjoying a lot of NA beers and CBD beverages hitting the market right now, and we wanted to add breadth to what’s already available.” 

Made with hop and hemp oils, or terpenes, this refreshing new bubbly water has no ABV, no THC, and no CBD; but it does boast an earthy aroma reminiscent of fresh-cut grass, and crisp, clean hop and fruit flavors. It has a subtle calming effect that evokes feelings of euphoria for which it is named. 

Ufloric will be available in canned 12oz. 6-packs in three flavors: Naked, Citrus, and Berry. 

Lone Tree Brewing Ufloric is now available on tap and in cans at the brewery. It hits select Colorado stores next week. These sales partners are excited to introduce not just this new product, but a fresh beverage category to their offerings. 

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