Leveraging Technology to Protect & Improve Customer Experience Post-Pandemic

Bounce Back Stronger Using Information and Technology

We are living in a “new normal” and this has created new opportunities for breweries to adapt. As everyone in the beer industry knows, when going through an uncertain time with your business it pays to actively stay informed.

If a technology exists that can protect not only your beer but your reputation — and help you sell more beer —  would you consider it?

Knowing when, how, and why to adopt emerging technologies is often what separates the good breweries from the greats. Because the harsh reality is if the business doesn’t succeed, the taps will dry up.

Saying 2020 was a tough year for breweries is a major understatement, so having the proper tools in place to bounce back effectively is key.

The area primed for the highest Return on investment? Look no further than your kegs.

You need keg-level quality control

Information is a powerful tool to drive your business forward and gain a competitive edge. Brewers can now have access to more detailed information on their beer than ever before like the location of specific kegs, whether or not they are being stored and served properly, and more.

When you have detailed insight into every step of your distribution process you can start unlocking the potential of your business by utilizing your resources more efficiently, mitigating the impact of a blind supply chain, and becoming proactive rather than reactive when it comes to product quality and customer engagement.

So, what are my keg-tracking options today?

You could go with Bar codes that require software, tags, equipment, and personnel to scan. A seemingly simple solution to a complex problem but the thing with bar codes is that there are multiple opportunities for data errors. Missed scans, double scans, etc. There is also no visibility for your customer.

Going the RFID route takes away the manual effort but still requires expensive tags on kegs and receiving equipment in every location a keg goes. This can also make it difficult to have accurate data. Your customers still won’t have any more information on your beer with this option.

Finally, you could track your kegs with Cellular. The upside? There is no software expense and no personnel required outside the brewery. With cellular tracking, you can provide real-time information, making it possible to share the data with brewery personnel and consumers alike.  It may surprise you to know that a cellular solution can provide a positive ROI if you can sell only 1 more beer per keg per month.

C-Keg, the leader in cellular keg tracking technology is looking for breweries who would be interested in sampling  keg trackers.  Select breweries will receive a free keg tracker provided they are willing to participate in a program designed to help sell more beer using the system.

Contact [email protected] for more information.

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