Lawson’s Finest Liquids Announces 2024 Brand Calendar

The Sunshine-makers at Lawson’s Finest Liquids are pleased to share their brand calendar for 2024, which is shaping up to be their finest year yet. The award-winning, B Corp-certified brewery will focus on increasing accessibility of its beloved brews, reimagining taproom favorites, and introducing innovations in packaging. In the new year, expect to see more of what Lawson’s Finest is known for: freshness, quality, and commitment to community.

“Our growth in 2024 is inspired by a deep care for the quality of our beer, expanding on our super-star brews and sharing the impact we make on our community and environment with our fans,” said Lawson’s Finest CEO Adeline Druart. 

Taproom Stars
In 2024, Lawson’s Finest fans can expect to see recent taproom favorites hit shelves for the first time ever across the brewery’s nine-state sales footprint. Beach Party IPA, Fest Bier Lager, and Super Lemonova Blonde Ale, which all debuted in the Waitsfield destination taproom in 2023, will now be available to a much wider audience of craft beer lovers in 4-packs of 16oz cans.

“Expanding the reach and availability of our taproom favorites is our way of telling Lawson’s fans, ‘we’re listening to you!’” said Lawson’s Finest Founding Brewer Sean Lawson. “We pay close attention to what flavors and styles our taproom guests respond to and what brightens their day. Feedback from our taproom fans remains the best source of consumer research.”

Beloved Brews
Fest Bier Lager, Nitro Stout, and other seasonal favorites will return in 2024, better than ever and available to more beer lovers. Plus, year-round taproom darling Hopcelot IPA, which was first brewed in 2014 and has been a standby at Lawson’s Finest ever since, will enter expanded distribution this year. The Phish-inspired brew Hopcelot IPA, which was developed in collaboration with a local group of musicians in the Vermont-based band The Grift for their 15th Anniversary concert in 2014, was recognized by joining the ranks of Top 100 Beers of the Year according to The Beer Connoisseur in 2023.

Progressive Packaging
For the very first time, Little Sip IPA joins the iconic Sip of Sunshine IPA in a new format and will be available in a BIG 19.2 oz package! Considered a little cousin to the brewery’s flagship Sip of Sunshine IPA, the 6.2% ABV stunner delivers juicy, fruit-forward character layered with tropical hop flavors and bright floral aromas. The 19.2 oz can is ideal for making every Little Sip last just a little bit longer. 

“We are continuing to tap into the fast-growing category of larger format cans for convenience,” said Druart. “With the success of Sip of Sunshine launching into 19.2s, and the alignment of this segment with our cold supply chain, we’re optimistic about the expanded packaging options for Little Sip.” 

Deepening Distribution
In 2024, Lawson’s Finest will get fine, brewery-fresh beers in front of more folks. Beach Party IPA, Hopcelot IPA, Juice Stand Blood Orange, Fest Bier Lager, and Super Lemonova will now be available across the brewery’s entire distribution footprint, including Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. 

Looking Forward to a Shiny New Year
Lawson’s Finest made an impact in 2023, reaching over $2 million donated to 300 nonprofit organizations through its Social Impact Program since 2018, completion of its rooftop solar array at its destination taproom and brewery, achieving one of the highest standards of social and environmental impact with B Corp certification, earning the title of Brewery of the Year at the annual Brewbound awards, and welcoming new CEO Adeline Druart. Beach Party IPA, a sessionable soiree at 3.8% ABV, is the first Lawson’s Finest beer to proudly display the B Corp logo, following the brewery’s achievement of B Corp certification in May 2023.

Visit Lawson’s Finest Liquids’ brewery, taproom and retail store in Waitsfield, Vermont, or find a wider-than-ever array of Lawson’s Finest beers in the cooler of a craft beer retailer near you. Lawson’s Finest is Cold Stored. Cold Shipped. Cold Shelved.™ to keep every beer brewery-fresh. 

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