Lakewood Releases 3rd in Limited DDH & a Big New Stout for 8th Anniversary

Break out the game pad and get warmed up for Lvl3: Dungeon Escape, Lakewood’s 3rd IPA in a four-part yearlong series inspired by the almighty hop and retro gaming. The Dallas-based brewery is also celebrating its 8th birthday with the biggest beer they have ever made — a giant Russian Imperial Stout aged in Rhum (not Rum) barrels.

“When we brew our annual Lion’s Share beer we make sure to make it very special. This year we brewed a 15.2% Imperial Russian Stout. This is the biggest beer we’ve ever made, by using a new fermentation technique. We then aged the beer in rhum barrels. So what’s the difference in Rhum and Rum?” asked Wim Bens, Founder and President of LBC. “Rhum is an abbreviation from the term Rhum Agricol.  This type of rum can only come from the island of Martinique. And while most rums are distilled from fermented molasses, rhum is made from fresh pressed sugar cane juice. The difference is a brighter and boozier liquor which stands up very well to a huge stout.”

This 8.5% abv Double Dry Hopped Imperial Hazy IPA, Lvl 3, is packed with Denali, Citra and Cashmere Cryo Hops for a “level-up” big hazy experience. The aroma is big, dank and fruity with tropical notes of pinapple and papaya.

“We’re gearing up for the boss fight and need all our IPA points for the win!” says Wim Bens, Founder and President of Lakewood Brewing. “This series has been so much fun and the beers keep getting bigger and bolder. Lvl 3 certainly delivers for the hop haze craze.”

Lvl 3; Dungeon Escape will be available at the Lakewood Brewing Drive-Thru and at select retailers in 4-packs and draft to-go starting Friday, October 2. Lion Share VIII is available now.

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