Lakewood to Release Extremely Limited Small Batch Series

Lakewood Brewing Company (LBC) is about to surprise the local craft beer market with a new, extremely limited, small batch series of beers. The first in the lineup will hit the market on February 11.

Earthly Highs

Wim Bens, founder and president of Lakewood Brewing Company says, “Creativity has been a driving force in our brewery since day one. Our new small batch series gives our brewers the opportunity to flex their creative muscles and create unique, one-off brews for this series.”

The series will feature a variety of styles to appeal to both new and savvy craft beer drinkers. Earthly Highs, a tarty and juicy IPA, will kick off the series. The name comes from a consumer interaction with a brewery employee at an in-store sampling event. “When offered a beer from our sales rep Jay Watson, the elderly gentleman responded, ‘son, I gave up earthly highs years ago.’ We loved the story, so we named this new beer for those of us who are still very much enjoying our earthly highs,” says Wim.

The can’s bold colors and psychedelic feel also speak to the fun and creativity that the brewery is known for. “It’s also worth mentioning that the artwork for all four cans in this series was hand-done by artist Cory Say. It felt important for us to incorporate authentic, personal elements like that for a series that’s all about fun, new experiences. And it speaks to what our brewery is all about.”

The small batch series can be found in 4-pack cans in destination liquor stores and gourmet grocery stores, as well as craft-centric bars and restaurants that appeal to consumers who are hungry for discovering something new. Earthly Highs was produced in a very limited amount, so look for it before you miss the high.

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