Kick Off 2022 with Real-Time Fermentation Management

Getting up and running with real-time fermentation management does not have to be expensive or complicated. With all the benefits of real-time fermentation monitoring, PLAATO is on a mission to make this technology available and cost effective for breweries worldwide.

Introducing PLAATO Pro

PLAATO Pro is designed for professional brewers, knowing that days are busy and filled with to-dos. With only a five-minute installation and low maintenance, the PLAATO Pro makes it easy to get advanced insights. 

The Pro is a plug-and-play, WiFi-connected sensor that analyzes fermentation progress in real-time, measuring the key parameters: density and temperature. Fermentation readings are taken around the clock and sent to your device through the PLAATO Cloud, where insights can be accessed by all brewery members across your devices

4 fermentation insights to transform your brewing

The value of real-time fermentation data ultimately depends on what you use it for. Time saved, continuous quality control, the right action at the right time, optimization of brewery operations, and many more. Having worked with brewers across four continents this past year, we often hear about the following benefits:

  • Production efficiency: Know exactly when your fermentation starts and ends, to increase the production capacity by improving turnover time in your fermenters. 
  • Time savings for sampling: Save time through drastically reducing the need for manual sampling every week.
  • Remote monitoring: With PLAATO PROs installed, you will always have access to data on your fermentations. Staying on top of fermentation activity and temperature status (we’ll let you know if your glycol system isn’t working), “peace of mind” comes up in our customer conversations time and time again
  • Data-driven decision-making: Know instantly how your fermentations are progressing and make instant changes if needed. Get notifications of the most important events and share data with all relevant team members. Start learning from your fermentation data by comparing historical batches

How does it work?

PLAATO Pro is an inline density meter that sits in direct contact with the fermenting liquid through a 1.5-inch tri-clamp port on the fermenter. Advanced tuning-fork technology is used to measure the destiny of the liquid. The Pro can be installed in less than five minutes without technical expertise and is built to last in a harsh brewery environment: Battery powered, WiFi-connected, and with an impact resistant polymer body. Only SS304 sanitary stainless steel is in contact with the beer. The Pro can be left in the tank during most CIP and SIP processes.

The story of PLAATO 

Since 2016 PLAATO has made smart products for the brewing industry. Starting in the homebrewing market, PLAATO has sold more than 20,000 sensors to brewers worldwide. Our efforts to make innovative and high quality products for the brewing community have been recognized with three prestigious Red Dot Design Awards for our Industrial and Smart Product Design. 

When PLAATO learned that our users, professional brewers at day, and homebrewers at night, had more sophisticated technology available at home than at their professional brewery, we knew we could help them. 

After almost two years, and working closely with brewers across the world, we are now proud to present the PLAATO Pro, build for and together with professional craft brewers.

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