Keeping a Guest’s Experience the Same, Inside and Out

Although it may not be a huge part of your taproom experience, having an outdoor space can help give consumers a different chance to enjoy your product in a different environment. But how do you make sure the consumer is getting the same experience inside your taproom as they do outside when it comes to signage and information?

MadTree‘s Lauren Amos, the Cincinnati brewery’s Consumer Experience Director said outdoor signage is almost identically replicated from the inside for this reason.

“The experience from this perspective is very consistent for the customer,” Amos said.

While Legion attempts to have its hospitality exactly the same at each location, Courtney Glasser said that guests have the opportunity to enjoy a different culinary experience at each taproom.

Each taproom has its own version of an outside space that fits with the concept of that taproom and the neighborhood it’s in.

“Outdoor space and craft beer go hand in hand, so we think it’s an important part of the design,” she said. “It can be inviting or even a decision-making factor for some consumers. And, for others, they may stay longer.”

Living The Dream Brewing‘s signage is a work in progress, said General Manager Michael Acerra.

“We recently purchased an industrial printer that allows us to make smaller-scale signs in-house,” he said. “We’re excited about how this equipment will streamline our efforts.”

Legion utilizes table tents to keep important information in front of people for the duration of their visit. In the taprooms, one side of the table tent will have the current list of beers on tap, while the other side has helpful information like QR codes that lead to our food menus and reminders to grab a 4-pack of beer or merchandise items before they leave.

Bathrooms, Glasser noted, are always the hub for guest information at Legion.

“We hang event posters, upcoming beer release announcements, information about our private event space, and such, in the bathrooms at all of our taprooms,” she said. “It’s the one spot the majority of your guests will likely walk by or through during their visit.”

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