Karl Strauss & Taylor Guitars Collaborate on ‘614’ Farmhouse Ale for San Diego Beer Week

Karl Strauss Brewing Company and Taylor Guitars have collaborated on a unique Farmhouse Ale for San Diego Beer Week that was brewed using sustainable ingredients and reflects the best of their respective, award-winning crafts.

The two iconic San Diego-based companies have been big fans of each other for a long time. They’ve spent the last two years collaborating on a project to bring beer and music together. The idea for 614 was inspired by the Skagit Valley in Washington – an environmentally friendly community known for its rich soil, idyllic climate and progressive thinking. Skagit Valley is where Taylor Guitars sources a portion of their wood and where they’ve planted the seeds for future harvests of maple for their 600 series of maple acoustic guitars. The region is also home to Skagit Valley Malting, a producer of world-class specialty malts that are grown in the area. When KARL’s team learned of the work Taylor was doing in Skagit Valley to promote more sustainable forestry practices, they decided to take a trip up North for inspiration.

The two teams returned from Washington with the idea to craft a beer highlighting maple wood and the world-class malt being produced in Skagit Valley. They decided to brew a Farmhouse Ale, a style known for having a crisp, bright flavor – characteristics similar to the tonal qualities of Taylor’s 600 series.

“As a guitar player myself, I’ve been a big fan of Taylor for a long time. They make some of the best guitars in the world, and I really admire their eco-friendly business practices. When the opportunity came up to work with them in a way that highlighted their sustainable efforts I was eager to jump on board.” said Paul Segura, the company’s Brewmaster.

The resulting brew, 614 (Six Fourteen) has lively aromas and flavors of lemon zest, Belgian spice and toasted notes from torrefied maple wood. The team named the brew “614” after the flagship model in Taylor’s 600 series of guitars.

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