Josh Springer Reinvents the Draft … Really

Josh Springer, the CEO for GrinOn Industries and creator of Bottoms Up, gets frustrated that more brewers won’t see the benefits of his company’s product. Sure, everyone should ask questions, but why can’t they see the benefits? Springer told us he wanted to take the time to educate the craft brewing community on why their product is good for delivering a great beer to a customer, regardless of style. We figured we’d give him the floor and let him tell you why you should take a closer look.

BM: What are some of your most frequently asked questions?

JS: Are the cups expensive? While they are more expensive than a normal plastic cup, they cost less than the beer that is wasted while pouring via traditional faucet. They also add value in speed of service and the souvenir magnet that is in the bottom of each cup, which you can’t get from a regular old plastic cup.

Is the system complicated? No. The system is in a lot of ways simpler to install and easier to maintain than a traditional faucet.

Does it pour any kind of beer? Yes! It will pour any kind of beer under the sun!

Can I only get plastic cups? Yes, at this time you can only get plastic cups. Glass will eventually be available but we wanted to start where the beer is being mistreated the most!

BM: How does Bottoms Up help improve the brewery’s bottom line?

JS: The first and most obvious way is the system wastes far less beer (30% less on average) than traditional pouring methods.

If you are selling your beer at an event, the hands-free nature of the system allows for much faster transaction times thanks to the ability to multitask while the beers fill themselves! You can fill beer while taking money and checking I.D.s. The beer will be perfectly filled and wait for you when you are ready to serve it! As a testament to the speed, one person operating our system can fill as many as 56 pints of beer in one minute.

Lastly, and in my opinion most important to the craft brewer, is the value of the magnet in the bottom of each cup. That magnet, if leveraged properly, is going to end up on your customer’s fridge where it will be seen every time they go for a beer! Collector’s sets also add value above and beyond the beer as well as help sell more beer.  It is time to get creative

BM: Why is Bottoms Up perfect for every brewery and brewpub?

JS: Because our systems treat the beer like a lady (respectfully) and put the beer in the cup in a way that enable the intended flavors and aromas. Blood, sweat, and tears go into every batch of craft beer that is brewed.  Leaving that beer at the mercy of the variables of a traditional draft system could impose on the quality of the beer; it hurts my heart! When I see a craft beer being mistreated by a bartender, it genuinely makes me sad because I know what went into the brewing process. Our dispensers remove all aspects of operator error. Perfect beer, every time!

BM: What do you wish all your potential customers would discover about your product?

JS: Too many people focus on the fact that it looks cool.  The system is not meant to look cool.  It is meant to be a better way of serving beer, the fact that it looks cool is simply a side effect of the benefits. It is a true paradigm shift in the way beer is dispensed. The system offers much more than what is realized at first glance.

BM: How is filling a glass from the bottom any different than from the top in terms of preserving quality?

JS: The valve opens in microseconds, removing any chance of “pinching” the beer and causing the CO2 to break out of it. The valve opens wider than a faucet, which allows for a gentle and less restricted flow. Most importantly, by filling from the bottom gravity is never allowed to take over, keeping the flow rate under control.

BM: Why is Bottoms Up great for the craft brewing industry?

JS: Everything we do is for the love of beer, just like the craft beer industry. It shows in the quality of our system and support of our customers.


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