Jägermeister Arrogant Bastard Ale Released

A collaboration between two fiercely independent entities rooted in commitment to uncompromising uncommonness.

With a complete disinterest in catering to the masses, both built their legacies around the core belief that what makes them notorious is what makes them… them. So what happens when you combine such forces? You’re looking at it. If you’re rubbing your eyes now, it’s likely due to crying tears of joy. We get that. Understandable. But really, stop.

Brewed in Berlin, this 8.5% ale is brewed with the secretive proprietary blend of herbs, roots, fruits and spices provided by the gatekeepers at Jägermeister in Wolfenbüttel, Germany. Yes, there’s a town in Germany with that name. Yes, it’s where Jägermeister is headquartered and made. Yes, it’s awesome, and yes our co-founder Greg Koch has personally visited. Hell yes.

The result carries with it an audacious level of complexity and depth. Predictably, it’s not for everyone. Nothing worth its weight ever is. Nothing worth a damn ever is. But for those who seek a higher understanding, we offer this next step in liquid enlightenment.

You were already combining the two on your own. After all, the gargoyle and the deer are ever watching. They never blink. Ever.

Jägermeister Arrogant Bastard Ale begins shipping out across to select accounts in the US now, reaching the most worthy proprietors of excellence in the coming weeks. But for those with a California shipping address, online orders are being taken starting…now. You can push the button too late, but you can’t push it too soon.

Don’t blink.

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