Isuzu to Launch Zero-Emission, Battery-Electric Medium Duty Trucks Utilizing Accelera by Cummins Powertrain

Isuzu North America Corporation is excited to announce the development of an all-new, zero-emission Isuzu class 6 & 7 truck utilizing an Accelera™ by Cummins powertrain for both the United States and Canada. This truck represents the first zero-emissions solution facilitated by the Isuzu Cummins Powertrain Partnership formed in May 2019. 

Powered by Accelera’s next generation lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery technology, this new Isuzu medium duty truck will support customers in achieving zero emissions while providing all the benefits associated with a low cab forward chassis. Current plans for the vehicle’s availability is slated for 2026.

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By embracing both innovation and practicality, Isuzu’s collaboration with promises to elevate the driving experience to new heights, ensuring that sustainability and comfort go hand in hand on the road ahead.

This addition will further broaden Isuzu’s product line-up and powertrain offerings providing customers in the medium duty segment (class 6 & 7) a zero-emission option.

“With the start of production of our Isuzu class 5 N-Series EV coming this summer and with the future addition of the Isuzu battery electric class 6 & 7 truck, we will be able to provide zero emission solutions across our product line-up. This will also improve the breadth of our overall offerings providing customers the ability to choose the product and propulsion system that best fits their needs,” stated Shaun Skinner, Executive Officer, Isuzu Motors Limited.

Amy Davis, President, Accelera by Cummins, values the Isuzu-Cummins collaboration to help customers achieve zero emissions.

“Partnership and collaboration is critical to supporting customers through the energy transition. Together with Isuzu, and our joint commitment to innovation, we will provide customers with safe, reliable zero-emissions solutions,” Davis said.

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