Introducing Blue Moon White IPA

After searching through 150 varieties to find the perfect hop for its latest brew, Blue Moon Brewing Company is excited to unveil its own twist on an IPA: Blue Moon White IPA. Ringing in 20 years as a brewery, they’re unveiling Blue Moon White IPA by challenging consumers to go on a search of their own to find the new beer.

The beer will debut nationally April 1, but beginning this week, Blue Moon will disclose clues―such as GPS coordinates―on its social sites to secret locations in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin and Nashvillewhere beer lovers can enjoy an early taste of Blue Moon White IPA. But for a few lucky fans the search doesn’t stop there. The first 20* fans to arrive at the undisclosed locations will receive a map to an intimate future beer dinner with one of Blue Moon’s brewmasters.

“When we decided to brew an IPA we wanted to do something different,” said Keith Villa, founder and head brewmaster of Blue Moon Brewing Company. “We started with wheat, orange peel, and coriander; ingredients that originally inspired Blue Moon Belgian White. Then, we searched hop-after-hop through a lot of varieties until we discovered a rare German hop called Huell Melon, which complements the citrus flavors in the beer. We ultimately wanted to brew a beer that captures the best of both styles: part American IPA and part Belgian-Style White. And since we had so much fun finding ingredients, we thought it would be fun to get our fans in on the search as well.”

The Beer Profile

Appearance – Rich golden color from caramel malts.
Aroma – Tropical hop character with a hint of citrus.
Taste – Hop citrus and orange peel citrus complement the wheat and malts for a uniquely balanced IPA bitterness.
Mouthfeel – Medium bodied.
Finish – Crisp and surprisingly balanced.
ABV – 5.9%        IBUs – 45-47
Four Hop Varieties – Citra®, Cascade, Simcoe, Huell Melon. Huell Melon is a rare hop from Germany with delightful fruity notes, which help complement the citrus notes in the beer.
Food Pairings – Pairs well with bold, flavorful seafood dishes, spicy Mexican food, and strong cheeses such as sharp cheddar and blue.

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