Introduce Collaboration Beers Brewed with Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams announced the introduction of two new collaboration beers with the first recipients of the Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream Brewing and Business Experienceship, a mentorship opportunity offered as part of the company’s small business micro lending and coaching program.

The new beers are Boston Tea Party Saison, developed in collaboration with Jim Woods, brewer and founder of San Francisco-based MateVeza (, and ThreeNinety Bock, created in collaboration with Chris Spinelli and Jon Mervine, brewers and co-founders of Roc Brewing Co. in Rochester, NY ( The collaboration beers will have select distribution in California and New York, respectively, and be served in the tour center at the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery.

The beers were the culmination of the two microbreweries’ participation in the Samuel Adams Brewing the American DreamBrewing and Business Experienceship, which like an extended internship, provides one craft brewer annually with hands-on educational and enrichment experiences, and is tailored to the awarded brewery’s business needs. The Experienceship includes a series of trips to the Samuel Adam’s Boston Brewery for extended coaching from various functional areas of The Boston Beer Company such as ingredients procurement, quality assurance, brewing, and sales and distribution, among others. The program also provides access to and funding for industry events.

“Brewing with MateVeza and Roc Brewing Co. is a terrific example of how craft brewers work together and support each other in the spirit of growing the entire craft beer industry and creating flavorful new beers,” said Samuel Adams founder and brewer Jim Koch.  “Jim, Chris, and Jon are extremely talented brewers, and I understand their challenges because I also faced them when starting Sam Adams. I hope that they got a lot out of the Experienceship program. We had a great time brewing together, and I’m confident they’ll continue to grow and succeed as brewers.”

Koch added that the application process is open to up-and-coming craft brewers nationwide who are interested in participating in the 2013 Samuel Adams Brewing & Business Experienceship and currently part of the Brewing the American Dream program.  Between now and the end of August brewers can submit applications, which will be judged by a panel of professionals in the craft beer and microlending industries, with a winner announced at the Great American Beer Festival in the fall.  Additional information on the application process is available at

To date, Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream has provided 11 loans to craft brewers across the country.  Some are more established such as MateVeza and Roc Brewing, while others, like Big Shoulders Brewing Company in Chicago, are just starting out.. The program has also worked with a variety of small businesses related to craft brewing, including Brooklyn Homebrew in New York that provides brewing equipment and ingredients for home brewers.

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