Interview with Fogg Filler Company

Brewer: Can you tell me the background of your company? Why did you start it? How has it changed since you started?

Fogg Filler: Fogg Filler was founded in 1956 filling dairy products on reconditioned machines. Since then, three generations of Fogg family members have owned and run the company. We have grown from improving competitor filling machinery to building our own for the dairy, juice, tea, distiller, and as of 2016, carbonated markets.

Brewer: How has growth in the craft beer industry changed the way you do business?

Fogg Filler: The growth of the craft beer industry sparked Fogg’s transition into the carbonated filling market. For 60 years, Fogg filled non-carbonated beverages and due to customer demand, Fogg has expanded to filling beer and other carbonated products.

Brewer: What sort of clients do you work with and how do you adapt to their needs?

Fogg Filler: We work mainly with beverage companies, recently many breweries and carbonated beverage distributors. Fogg does not make any “standard” machinery. Each and every machine is custom built to meet the needs and desires of the customer. Depending on the customer, we change the size of the machine, how fast or slow they go, we can adapt to multiple size and shape bottles of varying materials. We can adjust how many times the machine purges and how much gas is inserted into the product as well.

Brewer: Do you have a client story to share? Something that you are excited to be a part of their success?

Fogg Filler: We have several customers that are using our fillers.  Unfortunately, these particular customers required us to sign an NDA.  I do have one coming up very soon that is excited to let us tell their story.  When everything is installed I will be happy to share the details with you.

Brewer: What are you working on right now that you think is forward-thinking and going to help boost a brewery’s growth and innovation?

Fogg Filler: Fogg has just completed an expansion of their facilities to allow for more production capacity.  We are also diligently hiring new team members to keep pace with the demands.  It is Fogg’s goal to provide quality carbonated filling equipment with skilled technicians to install and maintain it across the USA.

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