Inspired Signature Pale Ale, Schlafly Added NA for Dry January

Schlafly Beer, the original, independent craft brewery in St. Louis, announces the release of the non-alcoholic beer, Pale Ale NA, which utilizes similar flavor profiles and ingredients as the brewery’s flagship year-round beer, Pale Ale. The Pale Ale NA also showcases the talents of the Schlafly Beer brewing team, who have dedicated the past two and a half years to honing in on the brewing process of non-alcoholic beers. Schlafly Beer will continue to innovate in this category into 2024. The Pale Ale NA is now available in 12-pack cans as well as single cans in Schlafly’s Bottleworks and Tap Room Brewpub locations and across Schlafly distribution. 

“Pale Ale was the beer that started it all for us back in 1991 so it only made sense to offer a non-alcoholic option for a brew that’s familiar and still resonates with our core consumers today,” says CEO David Schlafly. 

Utilizing the same authentic English-style ingredients as the flagship Pale Ale, Pale Ale NA is brewed with London yeast and English hops. The recognizable amber color offers a brew with hints of fruitiness, balanced with the hops and yeast, with a malt-forward finish. For the brewing process, the Schlafly team utilized brewing techniques and technology to adjust the recipe so the process of dealcoholization is not necessary. Dealcoholizing strips away other flavor compounds so Schlafly’s process retains the best true-to-style flavor as possible. 

“Our customers have come to expect quality, classic styles from our beers, and we’re putting that same dedication to our non-alc category. It feels fitting to start the year with a great tasting option to allow everyone in our community to enjoy a Schlafly brew,” says Schlafly. 

This non-alcoholic brew is available now across Schlafly’s distribution as well as a few of Schlafly’s brewpubs: Schlafly Tap Room in downtown St. Louis and Schlafly Bottleworks in the Maplewood neighborhood of St. Louis.

Photo by Schlafly Beer digitally altered by Adobe AI

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