Innis & Gunn Looks to Brew Success in US With New Package

Scottish brewer Innis & Gunn, one of the largest independent, international beer businesses in the U.K., has unveiled plans to drive growth in the U.S. market through new packaging and increased brand and marketing investment.  

First launched in the U.S. in 2005, the Originals range, which includes The Original and Caribbean Rum Cask, has become a popular choice with beer drinkers looking for authentically original beer.   

The Original and Caribbean Rum Cask will now be available in a new 6x330ml bottle pack format, replacing the existing 4x330ml bottle pack.   

The range has also recently enjoyed a packaging update which brings to life the brewer and beers’ quality and premium brand positioning. Both beers, The Original and Caribbean Rum Cask (formerly Blood Red Sky), will now be available in clear glass bottles so consumers can clearly see the beautiful colors of the beer inside.  

The bottles are embossed, proudly highlighting the Innis & Gunn brand name and home city of Edinburgh.  Additional details have been added to emphasize the premium nature of the brand – including gold foil, embossed print and watermarks. Subtle language updates have also been made to better reflect Innis & Gunn’s innovative brewing style and provenance. 

As a final touch, the labels feature the signature of Master Brewer, Dougal Gunn Sharp and an ‘approved by’ signature, which has been awarded to Innis & Gunn team member Jeremy Houston to mark his decade with the business.  

To further support the redesign, new pack format and U.S. market growth plans, Innis & Gunn is investing significantly in marketing, including dedicated PR, digital and social media campaigns. The brewer has also recruited additional staff who will directly support the market.  

“Innis & Gunn has big ambitions and rollout in the U.S. is a key part of our growth strategy. Our award-winning, premium beers will be available to U.S. consumers and retailers in a format that they know and like and I look forward to bringing our innovative beers to new drinkers,” said Dougal Gunn Sharp, Founder and Master Brewer, Innis & Gunn.  

“Those already familiar with Innis & Gunn will notice a new look across the Originals range, which has been introduced across all key markets around the world and has been very well received,” Sharp continued. When researched, the new design drove 74% purchase intent among target beer drinkers. 

Loyal Innis & Gunn fans can rest assured that there have been no changes to the beers themselves, with recipes remaining unchanged. “Our drinkers love our beers and Innis & Gunn performs well around the world, so there is absolutely no need to change our recipes,” said Sharp.   

“Innis & Gunn’s new look for the Originals range is standout. The new look is confident and premium, reflecting the quality beer inside, and we are sure this will be welcomed by American retailers and consumers alike,” said Justin Fisch, President of U.S. Beverage, responsible for sales, marketing and management of Innis & Gunn in the United States 

During the 2021 Global Monde Selection Quality Awards, The Original received the “Prize of the Jury,” meaning it was the unanimous coup de coeur or Jury favorite across the category spanning all beers, waters and soft drinks.  At the same time, each of the beers in the Originals portfolio was also awarded Grand Gold. The Originals portfolio includes:  

The Original 

A single malt whisky cask matured golden beer which launched Innis & Gunn to the world back in 2003 and still stands unique in the beer market today. The new clear 330ml bottle better shows the vibrant color of 6.6% ABV Scottish golden beer. SRP: $11.99 (6x330ml bottles) 

Tasting Notes:  This is a delicious beer brimming with vanilla and toffee. That richness is perfectly balanced by notes of orange marmalade, citrus, and hints of oak with a very gentle understated bitterness. Smooth, refreshing, and decidedly different from the usual. 

Caribbean Rum Cask 

The best of Scotland and the Caribbean combined, this Scottish red beer is matured in Caribbean rum casks. The incredibly rich red color of the 6.8% ABV brew is showcased by the new clear 330ml bottle.  

Tasting Notes:   Offers palate-pleasingly punchy notes of fruit, rum and chocolate. This full-bodied flavor is enhanced by the use of Innis & Gunn Ale Malt, Chocolate Malt and Roasted Barley. The finish is warming yet mellow. SRP: $11.99 (6x330ml bottles) 

The Originals range from Innis & Gunn are represented by U.S. Beverage in the United States. They are available in most East Coast states and availability can be found through the following link.  

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