Highlights Brewing Trends

In his autobiography, Out of My Comfort Zone, Australian cricketer Steve Waugh narrates how he and his teammates got rid of a cheap preservative like glycerine in mass-bottled beer. Waugh’s trick was to invert the bottle of beer in a tall glass of water (after opening it, duh) for a few minutes and allow the laws of physics to come into play. Glycerine is heavier than beer. Once you invert the bottle, you can see the glycerine trickling into the glass of water (you must try this at home). The result? A bottled beer that’s much smoother and lighter than what it was originally.

A new craft

Fortunately, beer drinkers in many urban hubs in India don’t have to go to so much trouble to drink half-decent beer now. With the entry of microbreweries in India about five years ago, all you need to do is to get yourself to the closest microbrewery for a couple of pints of fresh craft beer that is free of synthetic preservatives and, if made well, packed with flavour.

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