Independence Announces Fall Seasonal Lineup

Independence Brewing Co. is excited to announce the fall release of three seasonal beers just in time for colder weather. The Autumn lineup introduces two brand new fruit-infused variations; Cherry Redbud Berliner Weisse and Tangerine Highboy Double IPA. The Independence team also welcomes back the seasonal classic, Shiny Diamonds Ale, an increasingly popular session IPA.

Adding a sweet twist to the classic Redbud Berliner Weisse, Cherry Redbud is inspired by the traditionally tart and lemony German beer with round cherry finish. Its subtle wheat maltiness has a delicate mix of fresh sweet and tart cherries, making Cherry Redbud a highly effervescent, easy-to-drink brew with a refreshing finish perfect for the crisp fall air. Following the summer release of Cucumber Redbud, Cherry Redbud brings a deeper, sweeter flavor to the already robust Berliner Weisse-style beer.

Highboy Double IPA takes on a citrusy profile in the form of the Tangerine Highboy Double IPA, a resinous, fully-juiced beast of a beer that’s been double dry-hopped with loads of late-addition hops and souped-up with fresh tangerines. For this new variation on the beer, flaked barley and eight pounds of tangerine purée per barrel powers a body and flavor that roars like a pre-1977 Ford F-250, commonly known as the “Highboy.” Made with a blend of Centennial, Citra, Amarillo, and Summit hops, Tangerine Highboy brings together the old school West Coast Double IPA, East Coast IPA haze craze and a grove of ripe tangerines all packed into one bracing beer.

Originally named “Hoppy Diver,” Shiny Diamonds is a hoppy ale mingling rich flavors with a clean finish, inspired by the heavy metal glam and soulful finesse in the song “Holy Diver” by Dio. Packed full of Crystal and Strata hops making it easy to understand this beer’s namesake, Shiny Diamonds has fresh herbal and tropical flavors producing mild grapefruit notes followed by a clean, dry finish. Simple, yet as intricate and multifaceted as a skillfully cut gem, Shiny Diamonds is as complex as it is flavorful.

“Each of the three fall releases brings a completely different flavor profile to the table,” said Head Brewer Brannon Radicke. “You have the heavy taste of hops in the Tangerine Highboy Double IPA, the crisp, fruity notes of Cherry Redbud and the dry, tropical taste of Shiny Diamonds to round it out.”

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