Indeed Releases Pistachio Dream & Pink Burst Sparkling THC

Indeed Brewing Company is adding two sparkling THC drinks to its portfolio. High Fiver: Pistachio Dream (5mg THC and 5mg CBD) boasts the same flavoring as its popular Pistachio Cream Ale with the addition of vanilla. Double High Fiver: Pink Burst (10mg THC and 10mg CBD) features a flavor that resembles the pink Starburst candy. Both drinks contain 0% alcohol.

“Our High Fiver Citrus Grass and Two Good Lavender Lemon have been so popular that it’s sometimes easy to just sit back and let those successes ride a little bit. But, either because of our ADHD or our ethos of always keep pushing, we’re excited to explore some more Sparkling THC options,” says Ryan Bandy, Director of Experience, Indeed Brewing Company. “Pistachio Dream is a nostalgic flavor that tastes an awful lot like Pistachio ice cream, and is delicious with 5mg of THC and CBD. We wanted to have a 10mg THC and 10mg CBD option as well, for our more seasoned consumers, so we thought a bright and bold flavor would make sense for that: Pink Burst is fruity, tart and delicious. Can confirm that it tastes good when you’re actually eating pistachio ice cream with the Pistachio Dream, and/or a pink Starburst with the Pink Burst one.” 

High Fiver: Pistachio Dream and Double High Fiver: Pink Burst are available at the Minneapolis taproom and in retail locations across Minnesota. 

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