Indeed Releases Brightside Sea Salt and Lemon Lager

Photo Credit: Indeed Brewing Company

Indeed Brewing Company’s Brightside Sea Salt and Lemon Lager is back for another summer of fun. Bright and light at an approachable 5.2% ABV, this limited release is now available on draft and in 6-packs of 12 oz. cans across Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Minnesota.

Citrus and salt are a match made in beer heaven, with salt enhancing the punchy tartness of lemon flavors. In Brightside Sea Salt and Lemon Lager, a light and crispy pilsner malt plays nicely with citrusy notes of Tradition hops. Special additions of lemonade extract and sea salt take this lager to the next level. 

“There’s a reason many of us saw our grandpas put a pinch of salt into lager beers,” said Ryan Bandy, Chief Business Officer at Indeed Brewing Company. “Salt intensifies the other flavors in Brightside, making the lemon zestier and the subtly sweet lager even more crisp. It’s the perfect beer to make the most of a Midwest summer.”

With whimsical and summery can art, Brightside Sea Salt Lemon Lager is bright and flavorful inside and out. Just in time for longer days, warmer weather and a splash of optimism. Pairs perfectly with sun on your face, friends by your side, backyard barbecues, and patio hangouts. 

This seasonal release is available for a limited time only, so don’t wait to soak up the summer with a Brightside Sea Salt Lemon Lager in hand. Join Indeed Brewing Company at their Minneapolis or Milwaukee taprooms or find their artfully eclectic offerings online at

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