Indeed Releases Boon Hard Kombucha in Cans

Indeed Brewing Company is distributing Boon Hard Kombucha in 16-ounce cans. Boon: Blueberry Basil was released on draft in the Minneapolis and Milwaukee taprooms in January, where it has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from patrons. Cans will be appearing in Twin Cities-area liquor stores as early as August 30, with cans appearing in Wisconsin later.

Boon is Indeed’s latest innovation in the beyond beer category and the first hard kombucha made in Minnesota. It is also the brewery’s first gluten-free alcoholic offering. In July, Boon: Blueberry Basil was awarded Gold in the Hard Kombucha category of the 2021 Can Can Awards.

“My wildest hard kombucha dreams pale in comparison to what we’ve created with Boon,” says Indeed’s COO Kelly Moritz. “I knew it would be good, with all the fermentation know-how and creativity we have entrenched in this team, but I was blown away. It’s vibrantly complex, unexpectedly craveable, and a very welcome addition to our line-up.”  

Founding Brewer Josh Bischoff started experimenting with hard kombucha over a year ago to nail down a process and ingredients. “For Boon, we use a blend of Green Mao Jin and Yerba Mate teas. Oftentimes, black tea is used in kombucha, but we have found that makes for a more acidic final product and preferred the profile that using a blend provides,” says Bischoff. Boon starts in an oak barrel to begin its natural fermentation process and is finished off in a bright tank, where the flavors are added. In addition to the traditional kombucha process, Boon goes through a secondary fermentation process that produces the alcohol to make it a hard kombucha.

Boon is on tap in the Milwaukee and Minneapolis taprooms in branded glassware; 25.4-ounce crowlers, wrapped in Boon-specific labels, are available to go as well. 

Read more about Indeed’s hard kombucha process in a Q&A with Founding Brewer Josh Bischoff here: 


  • Yeast: Turbo Time
  • Special Ingredients: Dextrose sugar, Green Mao Jian tea, Yerba Mate tea, Blueberry concentrate, Blueberry flavor, Basil Flavor


  • ABV: 8.2%


  • Visual: Blue/purple
  • Aroma: Kombucha funk, herbal, blueberry, basil
  • Taste: Refreshingly tart, spritzy, blueberry, basil, Kombucha funk
  • Mouthfeel: Light and refreshing

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