How to Serve Your Summer Crowd — Plus, 4 Tools to Help!

Patio season is underfoot and people are starting to crawl out of their…I mean… burst out of their homes to get a brew and see your beautiful face. Are you set-up to serve at your full hospitality potential? 

Whether you have a bev-only taproom with a bar and some tables or a full menu served to multiple venues, a Floating Service model works for you. 

What is Floating Service?

It’s the fusion between traditional table service and it’s simpler counterpart, counter service (pun intended). With a floating service model, your staff is empowered to flex through different roles — from bar to floor — and engage with your guests anytime, anywhere. Guests order from the bar, from a roaming server with a mobile POS, or even via their own phones using QR-code location-based ordering. 

Benefits of Floating Service

Where staffing is costly with table service, and guest engagement is limited with counter service, floating service keeps labor costs down while maximizing hospitality. With your staff untethered from the bar or terminal POS, they can connect with guests, educate them on your product, and keep their glasses full.

In an early 2020 study by Secret Hopper (the before-times) with research pulled from 5,711 brewery visits, they found guests spent 16.3% more at an establishment when asked the golden question: “Would you like another?” With an average tab size of $39.83, that’s about $6.50 more per guest.

As Secret Hopper said in their study, “The more your staff can build a connection with a guest over the course of their experience, the more that guest will be willing to spend.”    

4 Tools To Help You Float

There are many ways to implement floating service. By employing these few simple tools, you’ll be ready to float into summer.

  1. Flexible & Mobile POS: A fully integrated, mobile Point of Service saves you time and money. Sell from the bar or at the table, and create an amazing guest experience. Designed to help you shift service at a moment’s notice, a mobile system gives you the flexibility to adapt as you grow.
  1. Contactless Order & Payments: Increase tab sizes when guests can order another round the second it occurs to them, from their own device. Enhance your excellent service by giving your guest the power to start a tab, order and pay from their own device—either on a mobile app or via QR code in a web browser. 
  1. Online Ordering : Make balancing online and on-premise sales seamless with one system. An integrated system means all your inventory syncs from the same place; all orders, online or on-premise, print to a centralized printer; all sales reports aggregate on the same dashboard.
  1. Loyalty: Invite guests to be part of your club—they’ll engage more with your staff, spend more on your product, and bring their friends along to visit. Move product with customized offers. Turn one-time visitors into loyal fans while building good habits amongst your regulars. And capture a new audience through discount codes for your online store. 

Elevate your guest experience with Arryved: the flexible, customizable, mobile POS designed exclusively for the craft beverage industry. Arryved is the first POS system designed to focus where a hospitality business should—on people. It removes the “central hub” that is the conventional POS terminal, adds a loyalty program, contactless payments and an ecommerce platform, and creates a seamless experience for your guests and your business. To see how Arryved can work for you, schedule a demo at

Photo of Raíces Brewing Company, an Arryved customer, by Eddie Clark Media.

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