Hong Kong Newest Market Added to Migration’s Growing Portfolio

Migration Brewing has expanded their international distribution reach to Hong Kong.​ ​

This summer the Portland, ​Oregon based craft brewery has partnered with​ ​Double Haven brewing to ship their award-winning beers to the Hong Kong metro market. This​ ​is the latest addition to the company’s Asian portfolio that also includes Thailand and Japan.

“We are very excited to be working with the international distribution team at Double Haven,” said Eric Banzer-Lausberg, Co-Founder and Sales Director at Migration Brewing. “Over the past few years we’ve been able to gain traction in several Asian markets and we’re stoked on the opportunity to expand our international reach to Hong Kong.”

While the initial volumes are modest, Migration is bullish on the future of the Asian markets.

“We’re really seeing a lot of international interest for American craft beers, especially in Asia. Once travel restrictions loosen, we look forward to supporting these markets and to see how much we can grow the Migration brand,” Banzer-Lausberg said.

Migration has also recently become part of the Brewers Association export program and will be focusing on future opportunities in Europe and beyond.

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