Heineken Launches New Marketing Campaign ‘Moderate Drinkers Wanted’

Heineken has launched an integrated global marketing campaign “Moderate Drinkers Wanted,” that champions responsible alcohol consumption.

Rooted in research that shows responsible drinking is becoming the preferred means of enjoyment for those 21+, Heineken is using the campaign to encourage men to drink responsibly during their nights out by showcasing how potential partners may find those who practice responsible behavior more approachable.

Data for the campaign was collected by Canvas8, who polled 5,000 21-35 year-old premium beer drinkers in five countries. The key findings revealed the following:

“A Moderation Movement”

Three out of four millennials (75%) limit how much alcohol they drink on the majority of their nights out.

Nearly four of every ten surveyed (38%) state that they moderate their alcohol consumption every single time they go out.

“Masters of their Universe”

Well over two-thirds of millennials (69%) cite avoiding loss of control as the primary motivation for limiting alcohol consumption on a night out.

More than a third of those surveyed (36%) admit they have suffered “social shaming” after appearing to be drunk in a photo on social media.

“Quality Over Quantity”

The x-factor for a great night out is shifting, with millennials prioritizing good food and friends over excessive alcohol consumption. They are also searching for ‘new experiences’ (49%) rather than the same old ‘great entertainment’ (39%).

“Future Focused”

When it comes to finding ‘the one,’ nearly all (97%) believe that drinking excessively is not conducive to meeting someone and falling in love.

The vast majority of survey participants (88%) accept that they are responsible for how their life turns out.

Nearly three-fourths of those surveyed (71%) believe that their life is better when they moderate their behavior.

Nearly seven out of 10 (69%) feel they have to work harder for career success than their parents.

“This study shows responsibility is becoming an active – and attractive – choice for a motivated generation who want to stay in control,” said Nuno Teles, the Chief Marketing Officer for Heineken USA. “Drinking responsibly enables millennials to shape their own reputation and to make the best of every opportunity that comes their way.”

The new campaign builds on Heineken®’s long-standing commitment to use its flagship brand to convey the “Enjoy Responsibly” message. “Moderate Drinkers Wanted” is the third chapter in Heineken®’s ongoing commitment to highlighting responsible consumption as the best way to make the most of your celebrations. The commitment kicked off in 2011 with the launch of ‘Sunrise,’ a campaign which brought to life the powerful idea that there are no limits when you know your limits. The second instalment launched in 2014, ‘Dance More, Drink Slow,’ was built around a pioneering partnership with world famous DJ,  Armin Van Buuren.

In addition to investing 10 percent of its media spend in dedicated responsible consumption campaigns, the Brand delivers its responsibility message through its sponsorship platforms such as UEFA Champions League, Rugby World Cup and hundreds of music events around the world. The message was also featured on more than 8 billion bottles and cans in 2015.

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